Repair with care

At Hi-Test Garage we make sure to deliver the best service and quality name brand parts possible to make sure you don't have to make unnecessary return trips. Unlike other garages Hi-Test will deliver quality first. No rush jobs for here, only quality. 


  • Name brand oil changes & fluid services

  • Tire sales , install & service

  • NYS Inspections

  • Check engine light diagnosis

  • Free estimates

  • And more!


Performance & Custom

At Hi-Test Garage our foundation was founded on performance and custom fabrication. With expert knowledge and experience we'll make sure you get exactly what you want out of your car!



  • Hand-made custom exhaust systems

  • Engine swaps

  • Engine & transmission rebuilds

  • Custom wiring

  • Suspension & brake install

  • Engine and transmission refinishing

  • And much much more!